Our own high-quality clay is made from a kaolin base with special properties. While baking, the clay will coalesce so that virtually no absorption of water is possible. Our terracotta absorbs no more than 3 to 4% of water. This low percentage of water ensures that our potteries are frost-proof.

Corten steel


We use titanium-zinc plates soldered together with tin. Our zinc contains 4% of silver, which makes it extremely durable. When zinc is exposed to humid air or water it will naturally oxidize. First the zinc will create a white powder to protect itself, then a light grey patina will appear. Each of our zinc pots is delivered with a water drain on its side.

All of our Domani items are handmade in our own European artisan workshop.


Raku is a baking technique originated in Japan, in the mid-sixteen century. During the extreme temperature

change of cooling down, crazing or cracking occurs on many of the glazed areas of the pots. The multitude of parameters involved provides results varying at infinity, which gives each piece the quality of single objet.