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Custom made designs

Let us be inspired by your designs

Are you working on a professional or personal project? Domani will help you fulfill your plans!
As an architect, landscape or private designer, you can count on us as your ideal partner in crime to help you realize your plans. Together we can take your wildest design dreams to a higher level!

Let’s inspire each other and work out custom fit Domani products to make your unique projects stand out. We will adjust our products to your specific needs. Trust in our international standard for high quality pottery. The world of Domani implies craftsmanship and extensive knowledge of materials.

Choose materials, colors and finishing that match your special needs. Send us your designs, ideas or wishes and we will custom make your dream product. Visit our showroom. We will take the time to consider every detail and make your exclusive design project come to life.

Welcome to the world of Domani. Make yourself at home.