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Since Domani was founded 26 years ago, we have set an international standard for high-quality pottery and have produced some of the best outdoor decoration made in Europe. The search for new applications, both in colour and technique, is our trademark. Though Domani is reinventing tradition, our respect for the material remains a priority. We use the best traditional baking techniques but at the same time develop new procedures for spectacular glazing. From 16th century raku techniques to modern zinc, Domani always returns to the source: craftmanship.

In our products, innovation meets tradition.


All our Domani items are handmade in our own European production.

Terra cotta

Our own high quality clay has a kaolin basis with special properties. While baking the clay will coalesce so that virtually no absorption of water is possible. Our terra cotta pottery absorbs no more than 3-4% of water. With this low percentage of water our potteries are guaranteed frost proof.

Not suitable for outdoor: ATLANTIS, BATUR and BUDAPEST collections (because of their shape). The Raku collection is the only collection made out of a different clay composition.


Raku is a baking technique originated in Japan, in the mid-sixteenth century. During the extreme temperature change of cooling down, crazing or cracking occurs on many of the glazed areas of the pots. The multitude of parameters involved provides results varying at infinity, which gives each piece the quality of single object.

NAKED: the glaze has been chipped off the pot leaving an intriguing pattern of smoke lines on the clay after burning.


We use titanium-zinc plates soldered together with tin. Our tin contains 4% of silver, which makes it extremely durable. When zinc is exposed to humid air or water it will naturally oxidize. First the zinc will create a white powder to protect itself, then a light grey patina will appear. All our zinc pots are delivered with water drainage on the side.

Good to know


The standard warranty of our pumps is 3 years. This warranty can be extended to 5 years : please consult the little leaflet ‘warranty extension’ for more information. Please be sure to read the large ‘Warranty leaflet’ very carefully. In case of malfunction and if covered by warranty, please be sure to send us the following: pump + warranty leaflet + copy of invoice for fountain + certificate of warranty extension (if applicable). A pump cannot be exchanged to you if any of these documents are missing.


To reduce our ecological footprint most of our pots are not pre-baked or glazed afterwards. We use a technique the French call “monocuisson”. Primary baking and glaze-baking happens all at once, using considerably less energy. This is not true for our RAKU collection.

Treatment zinc

To obtain a more equal patina we advise to treat your planter with water yourself (garden hose). Make the pots wet overall and let them dry for an hour, repeat this a few times.


All our terra cotta potteries are branded with our Domani-stamp


The colors on the pictures might deviate from the colours in real life.

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